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how does the program work?

The City of Moreno Valley is partnering with Moreno Valley College to offer students a monthly stipend to help them stay in school. Starting this fall, “MoVaLEARNS – Mayor’s Challenge” will provide Moreno Valley College Career and Technical Education (CTE) students in good standing a $250-a-month stipend for eight months – a total of $2,000 for the school year.  

The City and College developed the monthly stipend program with the help of a 2018 grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, which provided initial funding to test and fine tune a solution to one of the City’s major challenges.

The team identified “Earn vs. Learn,” the choice many students are forced to make between staying in school or finding a low-wage job, as a citywide problem and designed the MoVal Learns program to increase college completion rates.  

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